Esty's Florida Easy Street Team (F.E.S.T.) interviewed me!

Wow I just found out my interview is upon the F.E.S.T. blog.!

This was really fun to do! FEST is a really wonderful group on Etsy and there are so many artists that are supportive and amazing that it's been a blessing to be in this group!

Go check it out and leave comments!

Mrs Dissapearing Act

sorry for my absence!

well let's just say I thought I had severe food poisoning ---- until it wouldn't go away ;)

I am happily expecting my 4th baby sometime in November. But unfortunately, blogging for right now isn't so fun. It would be if I had proper seating, but I'm afraid the stooped position make the "morning" sickness practically unbearable for longer than a few moments.

I'm still working - just in shorter bursts;)