Back to Work

It's been a long time since my last post.

My life has it's swings of busy and insane.....

Our youngest is almost two now so I'm able to do more at the bench.

I've started experimenting with casting again

I'm doing a small series of pieces called Ex Voto

I've always loved the little silver votive offerings left at churches through the ages.
The thing I 'm most thankful for is the gift of my hands ... I can hold my children, create art, touch the world, I could even "see" with them if I were to loose the use of my eyes ...

but most of all I have always felt a guiding hand in my life. I've been protected from a harsher reality from things that would have made my life far more difficult than I could truly imagine. I am thankful for that hand ....

I'm so glad to be back full swing into this business ...

"Ex Voto" is available in my Etsy shop here.


4500 miles, 5 Men, 1 Woman, and a whole lot of Goldfish Crackers

If you don't know by now I love making life adventurous! I also love challenges!

When we started talking about attending the Tucson Gem Show last year I knew that it would be amazing. I also realized that as much fun as it would be to make it a business retreat for my husband and I, we knew it would be a travesty for our boys to miss out on such an experience.

Entering into planning mode, I thought about the joys of flying:
super fast travel time;
no driving at night;
not having to torture the baby with 40+hrs of car seat imprisonment.

Then I thought about the joys of flying:
TSA groping/radiation therapy;
the cost of actually buying tickets and the fees for luggage;
scream inducing eardrum pain;
nausea from the intense pain;
tiny bathroom diaper changes;
explaining that nursing my child during take off will actually stop the crying;
explaining that we don't need to pacify the child with sweets if they would let me nurse my child;
explaining that nursing my child (under a blanket) is not indecent and mankind would not exist if it weren't for BREAST FEEDING!;
not being able to sit together (three of us would be scattered through out the plane);
a crying baby in a plane (sheesh people, try taking a train in India now that's actually stressful!);
 running with the 4 boys and car seats, luggage to try and make the connecting flight

ok so you see with an 11, 8, 4 and 1 year old there really was no hope for anything other than driving unless we could have fixed our Lego time space continuum folder ... worm hole generator ...

so we were
d r i v i n g

4500 miles round trip (a little more actually with all the side trips)

now here's the kicker I love road trips all the gory mess and chaos of the trip and memories that will color everyone's lives forever!

I grew up living in the south (Texas and Florida) and my mother's family in Iowa my dad's in Mississippi. We drove for holidays, reunions, funerals, etc so many of my memories were of car trips that I can't help but be in love with them!

I prepared by packing 19 outfits for each of us - we needed both cold and warm - since Tucson was only in the 50's-70's and we are cold if it hits below 80 at night.
I packed baby through adult friendly foods the main bulk of which was ...
10 bags of Pepperridge Farms Goldfish crackers 
our local grocery had them on sale (buy one get one free)

We had a true adventure which I will tell you more about tomorrow ....