Ideas I'm brimming with

I'm brimming with so many Ideas I can't buy enough metal to create them all! Bridal combs for the hair with antique laces and pearls and faceted gemstones! Brooches and rings! Oh my!
Well to start off properly, I'm continuing to work on creating a shopping page for my website. I'm hoping that the Flash applications don't freeze up prospective clients pcs but --- what can you do? Wix.com is a great resource for creating websites but it's all Flash applications.

Yesterday I had to create something all the web designing made me hunger for physical artistry! So I melted some of my dwindeling resources to make this ring ...

the band is a brushed matte finish ant the front is high polish. Twas hard to capture the gleam with the setting sun but alas my efforts bear some fruit...


The new site is running!

It's of course a work in progress- I realize I need to create a page where you can actually buy from me without having to go to Etsy - that's coming. And I need to work on the Eco descriptions a bit I don't think the recycing talk has come across the way it should ...

I am hoping to start {within a year} forging my own ingots, wire and sheet, with the help of my husband.

For now I am continuing to use the same mill I have in the past. Great prices and excellent quality products.


Web Hosting vs Web desgin

Well I made a web page on wix.com. It's gorgeous! but alas the domain I signed up for here on google, I was using for this blog ... so I went into the DSN Settings and messed it up baaaaaaaaaadd. now I had to go to GoDaddy.com and try to transfer my domain name because their management is much easier than google!


Etsy Handmade Moment Video Contest

I love this one too!

I am currently making my own but first I must finish my website .... it's almost ready, final tweaks going down now!

To Market we go ....

I am in the last push toward the end of this task ... creating an introductory website outside of Etsy. I have this blog but now I must try to showcase my final product. I still haven't gotten to the Etsy Moment 30 second flick ... I think I might make it tomorrow ... can't remember the deadline.

I'm formulating in my head which pitures I want on my Knot profile and which I want on the Partyspot profile but I still haven't figured out if I should waste time trying to make my complex logo work @ 72dpi or not? It's fuzzy and awful to be kind. Then oh my there's my actual 45 word profile I haven't hashed out yet ... YAR!

But priorities first must have website running out side of Etsy to have on the Knot profile! I don't need all my sales going to elsewhere - sorry fellow Etsians - I love your work and that's the problem if I do so will they {my potential clients}!


Website anyone?

I'm burning the midnight oil as usual trying to make my own website, or create a e-commerce/blog site....I'm frustrated with the "do your own background" bit, but I'm not quitting yet!
This was my first back ground a bit "dark"....

So I thought of this but it still doesn't have the feel I want ...
well the song birds are singing as the sun slow awakens this side of the world
I'm just glad the baby is finally sleeping ~~~~ yawn ~~~~ time for tea!



This is only my second attempt at repousse!

I'm going to be on theKnot.com, The Weddingchannel.com and Partyspot.com!!!!! WOW!
  • I'm completelyand absolutly giddy! I have followed "theKnot" since my husband and I eloped in '98. I'm so busy creating more pieces and shooting them {sunshine permitting}! It's also pushing my hand a bit to work with what I have left of my stock.....I'm creating some amazing one of a kinds -that I can make using my basic tools. Each piece will then be a work of art that no one else will have!

I am so excited!