Kremer Pigments

When I think of Fra Angelico Blue this is where I dream it get it from!


This is actually crushed Lapis Lazuli!!!

Someday is not quite good enough! I want this now! I love the earth and all of the beauty it contains!!!

and this bottom one is truly an amazing aqua!


The name game

Well part of be a business is getting your face out there.

Now I understand that my business name is difficult to pronounce for those that aren't fluent in Italian. Miele Melograno {MEE-el mel-o-GRAH-no} means literally pomegrante honey.
I chose this name to personify the ageless custom of giving brides-to-be and wives gifts bearing symbols of abundant life.

My life has been a productive one thus far and I hope to continue to offer the love and gifts of my hands for the rest of it!


My First Blog!

Well I've decided to plunge into the blogging world! I'm online most of the time regardless. Now I can share with the bloggoshpere.

To let you know about me:
I'm long winded, most of the time (which I'm trying to amend).
I'm a wife and mom first.
Then I am a artisan.
But they blend well.

I have since my childhood {as most artists} been enthralled with the beauty of what is around us! During long road trips to relatives in the north I would spend many hours happily studying my finger prints {a pass-time I still enjoy periodically}. In school, I was torn between Science and Art. Art usually predominated my schedule. Luckily my passion for chemistry and biology and geology have helped me have a better understanding of techniques and functions in art.

Some day I'll fresco I can promise you that! Fra Angelico Blue, Kremer Pigments to DIE FOR!!!! Pigments, earth, minerals, metals ... ah, what fun. So to get to the point, I'm a "jack of all trades" when it comes to art. If I try one I've got to try another to follow the chain to the beinging, the source. Some day I will have a small quarry, or alluvial "mine".

But for now I am a jeweler. I buy my gold and silver and manipulate it into what I can with my basic tools {hammer, anvil, pliers, shears, torch, etc}.