My First Blog!

Well I've decided to plunge into the blogging world! I'm online most of the time regardless. Now I can share with the bloggoshpere.

To let you know about me:
I'm long winded, most of the time (which I'm trying to amend).
I'm a wife and mom first.
Then I am a artisan.
But they blend well.

I have since my childhood {as most artists} been enthralled with the beauty of what is around us! During long road trips to relatives in the north I would spend many hours happily studying my finger prints {a pass-time I still enjoy periodically}. In school, I was torn between Science and Art. Art usually predominated my schedule. Luckily my passion for chemistry and biology and geology have helped me have a better understanding of techniques and functions in art.

Some day I'll fresco I can promise you that! Fra Angelico Blue, Kremer Pigments to DIE FOR!!!! Pigments, earth, minerals, metals ... ah, what fun. So to get to the point, I'm a "jack of all trades" when it comes to art. If I try one I've got to try another to follow the chain to the beinging, the source. Some day I will have a small quarry, or alluvial "mine".

But for now I am a jeweler. I buy my gold and silver and manipulate it into what I can with my basic tools {hammer, anvil, pliers, shears, torch, etc}.

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