Orlando Wedding Professionals Grand Soiree

I had a Blast this past Wednesday! I'm new to the business much less to the wedding circuit - so networking was more about quality not quantity!

It was a beautifully designed event! Quest Drape had the space decked out in red and black. There were red leather panels behind the bars and red black and white leather square lounges along the perimeter. The room had red up lights along the wall and wire trees covered in red flower lights. I should have brought a camera!

I was able to talk with and enjoy the evening with some amazing women who stand out in the crowd! Thank you Jane, Vangie, Mashyda, Allison, Deborah. It was really wonderful meeting such graceful and intelligent women!

Thankfully I had my husband there to guide me through the night! Having experience in the banquet industry for over 15 years gave him a stunning presence!

Here are a few websites I think you would like to check out from the ladies I mentioned above~


  1. Wow! Such a great event. I wish I could have attended. So far my wedding experience is limited to 1.5 years at a catering service. It still would have been fun.

  2. MY husband and I both did catering events for a while when we first got married 11 years ago --- He's still serving banquets and bartending ---But hopefully soon he'll be able to take over as my sales rep so I can work full time in the "studio".