Magnificent Miami

Well I've always known Miami and I would be a good fit .... I just didn't know how well.

I recently changed my marketing area to South Florida with the Knot.com.
With the change came an invitation to the vendor appreciation party. I had 6 days to decide on all of the preparation to make if I were to go ... kids, clothes, jewelry! Well after few days of debating on hiring a sitter unknown to us, or having my husband watch the kids and I attend the party alone {so glad we didn't go with that one!}, my sister-in-law offered to watch our three crazy boys!!!

So we were set! We packed the bags and off we went! The drive was long and easy. We arrived "fashionably" late {by 1.5hrs thanks to several accidents} . The party was being thrown at the Epic Hotel in downtown Miami. It is a luxe modern hotel, complete with breathtaking views of Miami and the water.

Jackie Ohh!
Events did a tremendous job!!! It was fun and happy, bright and lavish! Who could ever pass up the fresh mini donuts?! If anyone did they were more than likely full of the mouth-watering desserts! And the mimes of CircX! Jackie really pulled a fun event together!

Thankfully the event wasn't just for fun. Tom and Gina of the Knot were the reason making a 5hr drive more than worth it!!! Of all the bridal magazines there is a reason it's fastest growing among the brides and Vendors!!! They listen and talk with you about how to make your dreams real! I could never find a better company to work with!

The party was fun but the after party was WOW!!!! ..... {continued tomorrow}

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