Fortuny Silk Lamps

I have to say this would be one of the most wonderful thins I could ever hope to purchase (aside from an original Fortuny Delphos Gown and Overdress ;)


Someday I will have one of these!! The warmth of the light and the sensual movement of the frame ans=d the silk pulled tight over the frame ~~~~ ah pair that with simple frescoes on the wall and a wall of french doors which illuminate my elaborate yet masculine roman inspired bed ...... fragrant flowers and bowls of fresh apricots, pomegranates and figs .... hmmmmmmm my type of setting (or House & Garden circa Sept. 1998)

Seriously! That issue came out 7 months after my whirlwind marriage to the love of my life (5wks after our first date!) and let me tell you I will never be able to get that house out of my head! Ultimate luxury and at the same time not too feminine (important when you have a house full of boys ~ soon to be men)

Ok I just had to post about it promise I'll get back to jewelry, ecological responsibility later ;)

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