Etsy Craft Party @ Tempus

Wow what a fun time on Friday!

It was interesting coming all the way from the Four Corners area to Tampa. With rain threatening all day (and a down pour just before our arrival) I tucked my table in a far corner safely under a covered patio area of the printshop. I was so glad I remembered to bring lighting. Even though it was slightly dim I still had enough light to see my table from afar.

Well as I got set up I got to chat with the ladies at the tables around me and found some very loveable people! Alas once the people started to show up I had no time for photos, food or fun craftiness. I was kept going with a pitcher of chai tea. And for better or worse it helped me say alot in a little time to the people that were frequently in rows listening to the crazy pregnant woman with the sparkly things ;)

The cupcakes I hear were wonderful!!! I even had a client after buying one of my rings offer to bring me one, but sadly by the time I was able to get to the sunflower confection (11:30pm) it was .... melted and ant nibbled.

There were so many people and everyone was having a ton of fun! I so wish I could have taken a "spin" on the spinning wheel as one of my long lost dreams is to have a floor to ceiling loom and weave my own cloth... but that's another dream for later on ;)

Coryn and Adam did an amazing job putting together this event! It took a lot of time and energy but you could tell that they really put their heart into whatever they do! I had a wonderful time!

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