To Market we go ....

I am in the last push toward the end of this task ... creating an introductory website outside of Etsy. I have this blog but now I must try to showcase my final product. I still haven't gotten to the Etsy Moment 30 second flick ... I think I might make it tomorrow ... can't remember the deadline.

I'm formulating in my head which pitures I want on my Knot profile and which I want on the Partyspot profile but I still haven't figured out if I should waste time trying to make my complex logo work @ 72dpi or not? It's fuzzy and awful to be kind. Then oh my there's my actual 45 word profile I haven't hashed out yet ... YAR!

But priorities first must have website running out side of Etsy to have on the Knot profile! I don't need all my sales going to elsewhere - sorry fellow Etsians - I love your work and that's the problem if I do so will they {my potential clients}!

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