Ideas I'm brimming with

I'm brimming with so many Ideas I can't buy enough metal to create them all! Bridal combs for the hair with antique laces and pearls and faceted gemstones! Brooches and rings! Oh my!
Well to start off properly, I'm continuing to work on creating a shopping page for my website. I'm hoping that the Flash applications don't freeze up prospective clients pcs but --- what can you do? Wix.com is a great resource for creating websites but it's all Flash applications.

Yesterday I had to create something all the web designing made me hunger for physical artistry! So I melted some of my dwindeling resources to make this ring ...

the band is a brushed matte finish ant the front is high polish. Twas hard to capture the gleam with the setting sun but alas my efforts bear some fruit...

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