Web Hosting vs Web desgin

Well I made a web page on wix.com. It's gorgeous! but alas the domain I signed up for here on google, I was using for this blog ... so I went into the DSN Settings and messed it up baaaaaaaaaadd. now I had to go to GoDaddy.com and try to transfer my domain name because their management is much easier than google!


  1. I'm your First follower, Lucky Me! Your blog background is really lovely. Can't wait to see your website!GoDaddy is great with the 24/7 "real people" to talk to. Google sucks for help, just that forum. Good Luck fellow blogger:)

  2. Thanks so much! So you have a website off etsy too?

  3. Great template! Thanx for sharing it with us
    I like it! Simple and pretty More templates easy to download