New Yar!!!!!

cannons, made by artisan metalsmiths truly

the Castillo, St.Augustine one of my favorite places in FL

My family (I'm perpetually behind the camera)

Every year the holiday season creeps up on us as we saunter around in 80 degree sunny Florida days. Then we wake up one morning and the pirate in us awakes!

it's "Arrrr!" when you open the door to check on the mail

it's "Argg!" when when the water heater fails to kick in on time, and it's cold water

it's "young matey" when your children fail your heed a warning
or perhapse even "you'll walk the plank"

and not least of all,

when you wish your family and friends well it comes out "Happy New Yar!"


  1. Thanks for following my blog--you do lovely jewelry! And I was so surprised to see this post about St. Augustine, it's my home town :)

  2. Thank you so much! I have loved St.Augustine since my childhood trips there with my family! It will always hold a special sparkle in my heart!