....... Soon to be 6 .....

The clock is ticking away for me and my family as we are waiting for the arrival of our 6th member.This picture was taken a few months ago. Right now I'm busily attempting to build up some stock of rings, bangles and earrings to add during my "confinement". So far I'm still up and doing everything under the sun. But I will take a few days of "vacation" time after our son is born.

I am hoping that, if his health is tolerant, I will be attending some bridal shows in December and January. I was hoping to be able to make it to The Knot.com annual bash in Miami. But this year unless I have my son today is too close to his birth to travel.

I am still taking many custom orders for the Kenyan Fair Trade Gemstone rings. Thankfully this means that even with my few days off I'll still be busy. Here's a few of the rings I've done recently ....


  1. Nobody should look that good when she's pregnant! Great photo, and I love the rings.

  2. I can't wrap my mind around that that picture was taken a few months ago. How do you look now???

    BTW those rough stone rings are gorgeous. :)