What Joy, What Joy Another Baby Boy

It's taken a bit for me to post. Life certainly does not stop when a child is born!

We welcomed our 4th son Ronald Theodore into the world on October 20th, 2010. After 34hrs of laboring to bring him into our world, our 9lbs 5oz boy was a sight for tired eyes! I had a lot of time on my hands waiting for him to arrive and since I was delivering at home I had my work to distract me a bit.

I had taken on a custom order for two rings the day before and started working on them right away. Well rather than twiddle my thumbs in between contractions I soldered, pickled and set the stone in the last of the two rings I had left to complete. I was fun to give a 5 min tutorial on how to set a gemstone in a bezel to the midwives!

I am so thankful to have had the joy of creating those rings! It really made a difficult day have bright moments!

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