Global Resources

I have been amazed with the generosity of the International community. Our resources, when pooled, can be extremely effective. That said we also need to safe guard those resources. We need to make sure that the applications of our resources are done in a responsible manner (i.e. recycling)
Living in Florida during my youth instilled a sense of environmentalism that has yet to wane. Every drop of water, ever ounce of metals and earth that we extract must meet with balance.
I truly hope through the ups and downs of gemstone procuring I will eventually have the co-op of my dreams. I have honestly, always wanted to do something to not only help our environment but also the human lives connected to it.
This is one company I want to help succeed!
If you didn't already know, I home school my boys. Therefore to provide them with a glimpse of the environment which created me, I have deemed Fridays and Sundays Documentary Days. Fridays will be dedicated to environmental studies. Whereas on Sundays we will focus on "social studies" history, art, religions, architecture, exploration, etc.

Well I'm off to rally the troops now.
Have a Great New Year!
I know it'll be full of adventure! Even changing diapers can prove to be an amazing accomplishment (anyone diapering a baby on their lap @ Disney World can attest to that *wink)

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  1. You are "supermom" in my eyes!
    Such talent, and heart...how lucky your kids are.