~ Of gems and food ~

There are so many things you can find to bring joy into your heart.After having lived through many adversaries I have found that seeking at least one thing to be happy about no matter how small will get you through any stress.

...So...that's where two of my passions always converge.

Food  and  Gems

Running a house with four children seems to always revolve around food.
"When's lunch?"
"I'm hungry! Can I have a snack?"
While running my business always seems to involve staring, touching and manipulating gemstones.
"Oh that would be perfect for this design!"
"I wonder how I should go about carving a tiger into this tiny garnet?"

So the stress of wanting to be immersed in both worlds at the same time but on different planes of reality keeps mounting. So while day dreaming of gemstone and jewelry designs. I often find my cooking is influenced by the designs I'm planning.
Yesterday, while I was thinking about tiger intaglios I just had to make my favorite treat Thai fried bananas. Our three year old calls them "Bana pockets!"

         As I'm folding the little banana slices I day dream ~
            ~ about illustrations from "The Story of Little Babaji" ~
                ~ superimposing those illustrations on a garnet ~
                    ~ which then morphs into me viewing the carving
                          from the clear side of the garnet ~
                          ~ finishing with a completed 3D carving ~

All while folding, frying and finishing our favorite treat. They inspire one another both fueling me creatively nutritionally and spiritually as I find peaceful bliss in zoning out while the kids are bantering about my heels, house hold chores beckoning from the corners of each room, and the ever present need to make a living at my art so my husband can be a stay home parent ( for a bit )

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