A Love of Intaglio

So from those of you that know me...

I love to learn. From {A}rcheology to {Z}ooology I just can't get enough.

I've finally decided to invest in some tools to start intaglio carving. I've done a few reverse intaglios and a few standard intaglios. I don't have a lot of time so keep to doing things in 15min bursts. The demanding life of a mom of 4 tends to delay progress for days HA! At least these stones won't be wrecked by sitting for a while...

My first attempt was a bee in a nice large flat piece of Rhodolite Garnet from Kenya....It's small and cute. It only took ten minutes. It was my anniversary and I was stoked about finally doing one, so I ground away for a few minutes before we left to go to the hotel. I was so shocked at how easily I was able to make a clearly recognizable shape! Our 10 year old even said, "Wow! Did you carve that bug mom?" Later I came back and deepened the image so that it's easier to see from the top of the stone.

Rhodolite w/ Bee

Reverse of bee intaglio

Bee intaglio on my hand for size and jewelry reference

 I'm still contemplating going back and adding a vine and flowers... but sometimes it's best to "leave well enough alone"

So my next attempt was an equilateral cross in a very purple Rhodolite / Umbalite Garnet. I wanted it to be deep and beveled so that it would look like a "church" almost.
Equilateral Cross in Purple Rhodolite Garnet
Equilateral Cross intaglio on my hand for size reference

I need to work on getting crisper lines but for a second attempt not bad. I also work in very small pieces.

view from side 10x magnification
3/4 view

Next, I carved a dove into a vintage Lapis oval cab that had been sealed with something...pine scent when grinding...but it turned out ok. I have a lot more time to start expirimenting.

Lapis Dove w/ Olive Branch

 If there is anything you'd like to see let me know. I was thinking of working on a tiger next.

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