Back from the Abyss

It has been too long! I fell off the face of the virtual world for a while when my computer suddenly fell ill. I though it might have been my processor again but thankfully it was just my keyboard! LOL!

With all of my "free" time I decided to dabble into knit silver wire necklaces. My first attempt I wanted to try to challenge myself. The concept of weaving the silver is pretty simple and easy to cath on to but I wanted to see if it would be complicated by adding more starting loops. I went off the "Viking Weave" technique but I decided to start with 7 loops of 20ga Argentium Silver wire.

It went off smoothly, and after a few connections I realized how to make the transition from one section of wire to the next with out a misformed loop. I had though in the beginning that I must keep everything tight and secure - but I soon found out that the weave is very forgiving if you keep it loose. So now I have this 8 inch section of thick Viking weave. It's beautiful and easy it only took 45 min to do the 8' 7 loop weave.

Thus incouraged I decided to burn through the rest of my order of silver wire ... I have now 3 sections of fine silver wire in various thicknesses. My main purpose is to make a necklace for my wing pendant. And now I'm waiting on my next shipment of silver to burn through!

I can't get enough materials ... so many ideas not enough silver and gold to eat! Ha Ha
Well -- of to see what I can do with my scraps!

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