Alive After 5 in Sanford, FL

Well I've decided to try my hand at a show --- I did enough of them in my childhood.

My grandparents and mother are all crafters/artists. I started helping out when I was 6. set up and breakdown mostly. But then when I was 7 I was able to start helping my mom sell things too. Then when I was a teen we moved to my mother's home town of Dubuque, IA {http://www.cityofdubuque.org/}. This is where my grandparents, and mother still live. I used to help every Saturday at the Farmers Market. My grandmother made thousands of baby blankets hand stitched with her delicate, arthritic hands. I would wander off every once and a while to go find the stones and jewelry vendors. Even then I couldn't stop my fascination with all things metal or crystaline!

So while I'm not sure if I will be picked for the event this time (it's an event presided by a committee), at least I think I'm in the runing for a spot. And it will get us motivated to create displays and custom order forms, brochures/a catalog of my previous work, etc.

I'm very happy to say that I finished the ends of the 7 loop viking weave and made it into a handsome bracelet for my husband! I've also completed a nacklace out of the 22 ga wire. Now I just need to order some more silver for more bracelets, necklaces ,etc ....

They are so fast to make it's just a matter of buying more metal.

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