Fish tanks are fun ... Even if you don't have fish

I've been accepted into the show! Alive After 5 in Sanford, FL! Sept 10th - that's 5 days away! oh man! that's quick - weeeellllllll let's just say I'm scouring every corner of the house, our neighbors and relatives for materials to build a show worth set up.

i dream about what I could re-purpose/up-cycle/recycle ~ I've got no time so I need to think in my sleep. LOL! Well one of my sleepy thoughts was what can I do to keep the expensive pieces safe and still show them. I looked on line and found table top aluminum and tempered glass case for 109.00 not including shipping - not an option. I thought I could make one! with plate glass, wood molding, silicon glue, paint, etc ~

I called White's Ace Hardware in Haines City {they are an old fashioned awesome fix everything shop!} they had 1/8" glass, but not what I needed. I called a few window glass places $4.50 a sq ft again too much - So off to the garage, I was sad and nervous if I would be able to pull my vision off - Then I saw it! Our old fish tank!!! What a beautiful golden light and dancing song played in my mind as I brought the weathered old thing into the house!!!

I knew I could get it apart but how? I tried scoring the silicone first, but the frame wouldn't budge. Then I said out loud we have a chisel! As the pieces started to chisel away I knew this was going to be hard earned but worth it! And then Success! My husband had jumped in half way through because I had to make a yummy green bean soup for the hungry mob of boys!

But this is the end of that evenings work!

1/8" tempered glass ready to be cleaned and re-purposed!

Today the boys and I tromped over to Lowe's to see their scrap section - nothing but broken doors and laminate sheet - so to fresh stock of molding. While my husband and I grumbled over design issues, the youngest of our troupe merrily ran the length of the lumber yard!

I know what I want now I just have to wait for the money to be in the bank ---I only have 5 days - I would prefer not to do this last minute but somethings just must wait.

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