The creative flurry storm

Well I've got one day before the show! I've been worried in the past that all I had was a limited range of products {essentially earrings} so I've been investing in wire for making chains. After realizing that chains are so simple and nothing to fret over, I've knocked out a 5 foot lariat, 22 in necklace and a few other viking weave necklaces and bracelets.

my draw plate, compression paddle

Close up of the 4 loop weave

Close up of the 4 loop compressed

Here are the 3 styles I have so far {left to right}
7 loop 20ga
5 loop 22ga
4 loop 24ga

The pictures of the lariat and other neckalces will be coming. The thing that has struck me as peculiar is this - every where I go when I tell people I've made a chain or necklace that I'm wearing they look at it like they look at the cheep junk at target --- they pick it up turn it this way then that and go "oh that's nice (in a I've seen better at target way)". People are so used to having mass produced plated base metal hawked at them that they have forgotten that true silver and true gold are valuable! They also have lost the sense of value in workmanship!

So I go now to prepare myself to accept the market as it is {saturated in goods that are being sold at inflated prices to line the pockets of corporate ceo's and shareholders} and help people to see the value in the real McCoy!

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