I love you all .... especially my brothers!

I've got 4 days to go before the show!

My brother and his wife are giving me an old laptop {it doesn't work with the battery pack any more - only plug in} WOW! My brothers have been the best support I could have hoped for! Instead of trying to quell my endeavors in the arts they have always accepted that it's a true calling for me to be creative!

Where some members of my extended family who don't know me well enough question the risks involved ... they don't know that I see life as fraught with risk and therefore not something to fear but to jump into with the faith that something will be gained from the experience {mind you I do my research - because that's what I do best!}

I love to read. I love to learn. So learning and reading about my interest serves as incentive to study on all aspects of the subject. Not just the fun stuff but the business stuff too!

Thankfully my childhood prepared me a great deal for my first show. I know what I need. However that doesn't mean that this starving artist has the funds to have the perfect booth! But I have the plans and outlines {my English 1 prof. would be so proud!} I have my future in mind.

But something to let you know about my plans ~ I don't think about profit as being the measure of my success. Success will be measured by this for me:
  1. I am able to share my passion and joy with my customers to the point where they will feel happy after coming to my shop.
  2. I will be able to set up a fair trade organization to source gemstones ethically from South America
  3. At least one of my children will see my philanthropy and go on to be of the same mind.

My success is not measured in money but in kind words!

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