To show or not to show that is the question at hand...

So two weeks ago was a flurry of work to get my first show up and running. We fashioned three sided showcases out of plexiglass. Well the epoxy wasn't working, so we had to be careful with them. And the plexiglass cutter wore down as we tried to assemble the last of three boxes.

But here is the display at the show ....

They don't look terrible. Most people were looking in them not at them anyway;)

But alas, no sales. My price was not what they were looking for; my stuff was "under glass" not easily handled -and jewelry and textiles are such tactile things you must truly feel it to see if it's something you'd wear next to your skin .... ; this was my first show there - I was not established enough to have people willing to buy.

The main drawback for me was not the time or effort involved. I understand art is always subject to theft/reproduction - I was guilty of plagiarising as a teen {not realizing the folly nor the severity/stupidity of such an act} - but as adults we can choose our exposure and limit the propensity to be copied.

At art fairs/street fairs/festivals/craft shows you'll have someone copying your stuff much more quickly than if you are in a gallery or boutique. I was surprised at how true this was at Alive After Five. To be stealing/copying my designs right in front of me was a little stupefying!

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